Friday, May 23, 2008

Yman Juran - Court Jester

Name in sl: Yman Juran.

I started from nothing last year, as an artist in real life ...I had an idea of creating myself in SL as such. I worked for months....searching, investigating and talking with many people in my attempt to find my tools or get them created. Many beautiful people have helped me all along..Even until today where I am considered one of the best. My circus troup: ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love performs everywhere where people want us or where we get a gig, or collect Linden to help others, enlighten our fellow beings in a positive way....

Am real life artist in First Life just as I also am in SL?
Has been for almost 30 years i First Life and a bit more than 500 days in Second Life..

My path in RL is… as a child of The Most high, I don't associate in art groups or art org. Am independent and autodictactive and function as a solitary messenger. I don't believe in unions of mortal kinds. I trust my Creator, Father and accept what happen...not blindly or out of lack of doing something about it...but with an inner knowledge that all comes from The First Source and Center and even I may not understand why things goes the way they donesd...It all works out to the ultimate best for a maximum of the long run.....and if we...the mortals cosmic consciousness really are immortals, then what happen here on earth in a lifetime is but a nono second in I can wait for better times...there is much work to be done right here where we all personal opinion or pleasure is secondary to the evolution of The Most High.

My path in Sl is to enlighten and uplift the culture, wherever I am, and where I have permission to do so.
I like to perform, both solo and together with my sisters or slaves. However we dont perform on anyones request.. We are loyal to The Most High, and Our Queen in The Kingdom of Sand.
I carry no deadly weapon but my words can cut you up if you don't behave respectfully to a free woman or even think the unthinkable and say it loud....:-)
I am the Court Jester of the Mercy of The Most High and do have certain extra ordinary gifts of influencies on my surroundings, but by its own nature I cant speak thereof.
I share my Light, Life and Love with whoever bring pleasure to my spirit and personality will decide and I obey.

I travel extensively in SL, helping many but knowing only a few..and the ones who seem to be the lucky ones must bear with my curiosity and impulsiveness when it comes to friendship.
Befriend me not out of politeness or because I am what I am..but because you like to join me in my endeavor to improve our lives in here...cause this is why I am here... I need no money or horizontal service out of needs..I don't enjoy pleasure through pain and misery...but I delight in goodness, beauty and righteousness.

This may be Sct. Peppers Lonely Heart Club land or perhaps it is the new Slabylon..but to me is much more...not only a dreamland of my dreams...but a true world of real friends ....far away in many countries...friends of a spiritual nature and as such I like it....


“A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.”

Urantially in service from Court Jester of KoS and to Sultana Zanlu and Gor, Lady Fabien... Court Designer to Her Royal Highness Princess Janine, Grand Duchess of Debevec & Lady of the Versailles Court and an angel from ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love..............Lady Juran....alias Yman Juran

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