Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sassy Jaxxon - Physician

Sassy Jaxxon - Physician

Two fortnights ago, in the dead of night, my tiny tropical kingdom was invaded by rogue pirates. Our defenders were unable to protect me (a princess) and other members of the Royal Family. I escaped on a small raft and somehow arrived on the shores of the Kingdom of Sand. Almost immediately, distraught and disheveled, I was chased unmercilessly by slave traders (who look strangely familiar) and, once in awhile, I was caught. A fortnight after my arrival, I landed a job as a potter. I intend to save my earnings and find my way back home.... if it still exists.....

..... Weary of wet clay and aggressive predators, I decided to explore the city and discovered a vast library. I snuggled into a comfortable chair with a medical text and became fascinated! Over the next several days, I read every book in the library relating to medicine and healing. I spoke in passing to the Sultana of my new passion and she decided I would best serve the Kingdom as the physician... healing everyone, citizens, knights, and predators alike. The medical facility and my services are available to anyone who requires them.

It does concern me somewhat that a rogue predator tribe will capture me and take me to their camp for their own use, not allowing me to heal any but their own. However, I am skilled with my blade... I will not leave my position as Palace Physician without a fight. I will defend myself if I need to.

Although I am not actively defending the city nor fellow citizens any longer, I will continue to train new knights and armed citizens in basic swordplay.

(background story provided by Sassy Jaxxon)

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