Friday, May 23, 2008

Ponzio Rossini - Beduin/Sheikh

Name (Full SL Name): Ponzio Rossini

Age: 25 years

Your group/occupation/level: Beduin/predator/sheikh

Brief background story of your character:

Born in the Serenissima Republic of Venice in 1175 A.D. knew the success as ambassador or the Republic in Costantinopoli under the Doge Enrico Dandolo.
The situation of the Adriatic Sea, characterized by continuos wars against the various kingdoms was now calm, and everyone tought that the Dogato and his Doge were ready to take wanted sweet retirement..but anyway something was in the air, new events that would have changed the assets of the world were arrived at the breakeven point. New events that would have involved directly Venice and Ponzio as well... The IV Crusade... Pope Innocenzo III promoted this war in 1201 AD. The trups were ordered to depart from Venice, the fact is that there were no money enough to pay the Venetian for the service given, so Dandolo decided to use these trups for his needs, preferring to conquer lands instead of moving to the Holy Land


In his Quality of ambassador and known for his skills of "merchant" Ponzio Rossini was asked to plan the assedium of Costantinopoli, the capitol of the Bizantin Empire, one of the most rich cities of the world. Thanks to his friendship with Alessio IV, the former emperor, and with the excuse of helping him to sit again on the throne, Ponzio was able to let introduce the crusaders in the city, and they took it the 17 july 1203. After months of internal disputes all the Empire was divided by the crusader.

Thanks to the victory of Costantinopoli the powers and fame of Ponzio Rossini were almost equal to the one of the Doge, and in order to not let explode an internal war within the Republic, Ponzio was asked to go in mission into a strategic region in Arabia, strategic for the economy of Venice, because of the contact with the far east. The journey to that land was indeed a trap and the ship that was bringing them to Arabia was attacked by pirats in accordance with the Republic. They left no prisoners, the only way to survive was the sea full of sharks.

And the Sea brought Ponzio here in this land. Not knowing nothing of the place he was now, not knowing the language and starved,at the port decided to work as a shipmate, thanks to his ability in working on a ship. Here discovered how things works in this land, and started his own war, decided to retake full powers and return to Venice as an Enemy

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Ponzio is a gentleman with the passion of the conquest. Is superb, not modest at all, sometimes rude, but is also kind and romantic...anyway is fashionable, and almost everyone love and hate him at the same time, women cause he has too many and is not able to satisfy them all (lol) and male cause they are not able to kill him

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