Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Silk Liberty - Citizen, manager of the Ship Inn (updated)

Name (Full SL Name): silk Liberty

Age (if you have any): 19

Your group/occupation/level: citizen, manager of the Ship Inn

Brief background story of your character: silk was born to a slave girl who was impregnated by her Master. Her Mother died in childbirth, leaving silk to be raised by her father. To him she was a slave even though she had his blood running through her vains. She also had her mothers. He taught her how to serve food and dance for him he even tought her how to read and count. It was said on her 18th birthday she would be sold. A trained virgin slave would bring a heafty bounty.
One day some city officials came looking for her father. They said he was involved in some unlawful acts. Her father took silk by the hand and fled their home. He took her on a ship which sailed for weeks. she was not allowed out of his cabin, he kept her there chained to a pole so no one would see her.
The ship was attacked by pirates. silk watched through a port hole as the boat broke up into pieces, a large boom cracked in half and speared her father through his chest, killing him instantly. silk floated for days on a large piece of the boat. She landed on the shores of the Kingdom of Sand. Almost lifeless she dragged herself to shelter amongst the shrubs and surrving on berries. Now she hides from the inhabitants of this new land, not knowing what the future has in store for her here.

Upon her arrival at Ireem, silk was chased by numerous slavers. Luckily she was able to slip from thier grasp. She found work in a local cafe as a dancer. One day while at work she heard a strong masculine voice outside. She listened for a while, hearing the intelligence of his words, the kindness to the other girls in his tone. She peeked out the doorway and saw the handsome face that went with this voice and it made her smile. Still she hid behind the doorway until he caught her eye. His head tilted curiously and his eyes just seemed to call out to her. She stepped out of the door way and his attention shifted from the others to her. To silk, it was like there was no one else around but him. He talked to her about coming to work for him as a dancer in his inn, then told her to follow him and he'd show her where it was. They have been together from that moment on. She quickly became his girl and manager of the Ship Inn.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: submissive, intelligent but nieve a surviver


Frank said...

Ahhh ... freshness in the Kingdom. Life is good. Who will capture this fragile flower first?
~ Frank ~

Elder Lubitsch said...

I am most pleased Sild found refuge and employment at the Cafe, and there met my good friend, Ulric. A ture happy ending, and my best wishes to both.

Anonymous said...

Mwwwaaaah. Gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Mwwwwaaah. Still gorgeous