Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saphire Yalin - Attendant to the Sultana

Name: Saphire Yalin

Age: 19

Your group/occupation/level: Attendants to the Sultana.

Brief background story of your character: As a child there wasn't much for her to have, as most children would. A doll perhaps or a pretty dress to enjoy in. After her mother died when she was 6 years old, her father did his best to take care of them. They weren't exactly poor, but they hovered over the level quite closely. Her father had a farm that was wiethering away slowly, with the lack of supplies to keep everything together. The Sultan of the land, was harsh and cruel to the citizens and demanded so much.

At the age of 15 she was forced away from her father, and taken to the palace to be a harem slave to the Sultan. Incased with jewels and royal silks felt like a glorious change in Saphire's life. But it had its downfall when she learned of the Harem ways. One night she was forced to bed with the Sultan, he lusted for the young one's and it was she he wanted. As he tore away the silks from her fragile body, Saphire took a blade and stabbed it into his throat. She watched as the disgusting Sultan died ontop of her, blood splatted onto her face like red paint as he suffered before collasping to the bed.

Her first act of killing was the sign of the fragile attitude changing instantly, the dagger she used clenched in her small hand that was stained in blood; kept close to her. Escaping from the palace she returned back to the farm in hopes of seeing her father; but only to discover his body lifeless laying on the floor of the kitchen....


Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: Saphire is a very laid back person with a very nonchalant attitude. She is very blunt, stating what she thinks about someone or something without really careing for the reaction expected. Aside from this, she carries herself very delicately and firm. Even though she is looked at as a woman, she is a born leader to take action and can be intelligent to the best she can be; which is one of her special traits.

Her Strength are the skills she hides under her flawless and breath taking appearence. Any blade possesed by her is as deadly as raddle snakes in a black pit. Her movements are quick and planned out each time during any combat she displays.

Her Flaws are simple and not too dramatic in a sense. She can't put too much pressure onto her left foot, due to a muscel damage in her ankle.

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