Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elysa Swansong - Royal Scribe to Her Highness

Name (Full SL Name): Elysa Swansong

Age (if you have any): unknown; early 20s

Your group/occupation/level: Citizen; Royal Scribe to Her Highness

Brief background story of your character: My parents were killed in a fire when I was a child, and I grew up on the kindness of strangers. I don't remember much of my parents, not even their names or from what social class they came, and have no other family that I know of. When I was old enough I became a citizen, and went to the Palace to ask for some menial position, only wanting to serve the Sultana in some capacity, however menial. To my amazement and great gratitude, her Majesty appointed me as her Royal Scribe! I am both exhilarated and humbled, and so grateful for to be a part of the Palace in these exciting times!

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: I am fiercely loyal and protective of those I call friends. I also have a strong sense of justice that surpasses social boundaries; I am just as likely to interfere on behalf of a predator under unwarranted attack, as I am to leap in defence of a prey or citizen. I am also fiercely loyal to the Sultana and those closest to her, and would gladly die in their defence. That being said, I can hardly lift the heavy scimitar I wear and would most likely be the first one killed should I try to use it; so you could say I am as foolhardy as I am passionate. Indeed, my friends are always trying to pull me back from leaping right into trouble :) I'm also very smart, very creative, and able to think "outside the box" ...but I'm an emotional creature first and foremost, and I react with the heart first, the head second (sometimes a very, very late second, ). Oh, I also have a terrific, if whacky, sense of humor, and an outlook on life that some consider "interesting" and those who know me jokingly call me their little philosopher.


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