Saturday, March 14, 2009

Palace is.. Hiring!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all players!

The Palace is looking to expand its role in KOS, and boy, do we have some mouth watering positions open. We seek princes, a princess, nobles, lords, and foreign princes and ambassadors.

These positions are not for the faint at heart. I know among you are the politicians, the schemers, the backstabbers, the courtly, the poets, and the lovers of fine words, songs, and women. It's true: We are seeking the true RP’ers that exist out there.

What's in it for you? Access to court life. This means regular parties (in the downstairs chamber of the harem, no less!), the chance to rub elbows with the royals and push your agendas. Perhaps even get a higher level of influence ... what would you do if you had the ear of a Prince? or the Second Minister? Sure you could! Or if you don't aspire so high, come and meet the most rich and eligible folks in Ireem. Marry up in the world. ;)

And of course, the royal harem. The most beautiful, well trained women Ireem has to offer. They're just up there, alone in their gilded cage, waiting for you to come up and pick one (or two, or three) to enjoy.

How can you really pass this up? What's the worst that could happen? Maybe you fall in love, maybe you get to be a voice behind the throne or perhaps you get the throne itself. What's not to try?

First, we're looking for all manner of Lords and Nobles. If you are a wealthy slave trader or a business owner there is no reason you should not ask to become a noble too! You get to continue to do everything you do in Ireem, except now you can do it with a title, beautiful women and added influence!

Second we are seeking foreign princes and ambassadors. Expect to come with some kind of status, wealth, etc., as befitting a prince or noble in your own country.

Also, we seek to expand the Royal Court, and the following positions are open:
• 2 Royal Jesters
• 1 Royal Executioner (possibly with minions)

Lastly, we're looking for some very specific roles within the Royal Family itself. They are as follows:

*4 princes
*1 princess

There are some strict qualifications for the role prince and princess. Being royalty, you must live in the palace. You would not own a business or work outside the palace, etc. Of course you may have outside interests! But your main function would be to attend the palace functions, and participate in palace and Kingdom goings-on.

All the above roles require the ability to RP creatively.

Contact: Elysa Swansong or Mirna Muggins for further information or to be considered for one of the above positions.

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