Monday, December 8, 2008

Tirris Noel - Magi Slave/Dancer

Name: Tirris Noel

Age: 23

Your group/occupation/level: Magi Slave/Dancer

Brief background story of your character: I would often travel in the caravans with my father, who was a Merchant and Trader. Most nights around the fire, I and the other girls would dance to keep the men entertained on the long journeys. Favored by them for my small toned frame kissed by the desert sun, and the long thick tresses of crimson that often fell over my deep blue eyes.

Our caravan was attacked on our way to Ireem. Needless to say my father did not survive. Most did not survive. Everything was stolen. I had managed to hide, laying among my dead family, looking as one of them. Till the theives left. With just the water pouch on my belt, I said my silent fairwell to my father and found my self wandering the desert to make my way to the city. But it was not long before I was noticed, and began to be chased by several at once. Men and women. Unable to find any to aid me, fatigue finally took me, I could run no longer, finding my self enslaved by a Magi. I confess the thought of food and shelter, as long as I obey and dance as he commands, sounds far more pleasing then starving and thirsty as I run from others in the hot Desert.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Traits: Fluid, graceful, alluring.
Stregnths: Intelligent, skilled dancer, skilled in pleasure.
Flaws: Stubborness. Too firey for my own good.

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Elder the Inveterate Recruiter said...

Tirris: Welcome to Ireem. Your love of dancing and entertainment skills would be a positive addition to the hospitality offered at Cafe Arabesque, and would evoke greater appreciation than dancing as a captive for a single master. We hope to see you there where you will be safe, rewarded and surrounded by other lively dancers, both slave and free.