Monday, August 17, 2009

Update from the KoS Sisterhood (written by shevaunn Clarity)

The Ireem Chronicles

From - KoS Sisterhood
Shev Clarity - Leader Kitty Maggs - Pimp Mistress

Yhe women of Ireem have united together. All factions have joined in. Slaves, undead, citizens, slavers, magi, djinn, knights, guards and bedu.

We have had 2 large scale activities in KoS so far.

The first was the sex wars. Women against the men. All that took part had postive feedback from both sides. The main objective of the sisterhood was reached, participation. We thank all that took part to make this a fun experience. Was there a winner and a loser??

The most recent activity was the potion the ladies smeared on the men's skin. This gave them pain in their groin when they had sexual thoughts. Now, with the raw sexuality dripping from the lovely ladies of Ireem the reaction was guaranteed.

The comments I received from both sides were they haven't laughed so hard in along time. :). The best thing to come out of this??? Seeing the talent and creativity along with great senses of humour.

There were two that surprised me the most. First Sylvia Tiraxibar. My Gods woman!!! You're sexual advancements floored me!!! Never knew you had it in you. Well done!!! Next was Duc Zenfold. I never knew you had so much talent hidden as I only see you chase and fight. Kudo's to you both!!!

The KoS Sisterhood applaud all the men that played with us. Without you it would not have gotten off the ground. Special thanks to the men I watched or heard reports on ~ Merlin, Raddick, Veni, Kanon, Krist, killer, Azrael, Devlin, Sulaman, Polo, RyanMichael, Ariberto, Addison, Raiden, Arden , Joris & Mal. If I left out anyone I appologize.

Kora has been told of the KoS Sisterhood and has joined us. I ask that any ladies that are not already with us, get a hold of KITTY Maggs or myself shevaunn Clarity to get in on the fun.

For those that do not approve?? For those that think we waste our time and energy?? I say "pfffffttttt bite me!!!"

The next activity of the KoS sisterhood is in the planning stages. This one we will give a date and time for the start and finish so you will be prepard.

Hugs to all the wonderful sisters in Ireem, and the men we adore.

With more wicked ideas to come ~
Shev and Kitty

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