Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prey for a Day - Sunday,August 30 2009 from 11:00 am to 2 pm slt

The men in KoS have been sadly neglecting the female prey. They run, they jump and for what?? We have lost most of our female prey. They become predators or leave the sim entirely. The new female prey coming in, are disappointed and don't come back. Soon there will be no one to chase at all.

Men have been heard to say how easy the prey is here, so maybe its time to show them they have to work for it.

The men of KoS need to brush up on their rp skills. I propose that all the females put on all their sexiest silks for the day and come and go for a run!!!

Now before you freak out, there will be certain rules to be followed?

1 - Our Role Play limits will be followed.

2 - Only one prey can be captured at one time by each Predator so she gets his undivided attention.

3 - If you cap a prey, you have to role play with them a minimum of 1/2 hour!! you can keep them the whole time if you wish but do not go under 1/2 hour.

4 - No selling on the block. This will tie up far too much role play time.

5 - Knights are more than welcome to put predator huds on for the duration and show us their role play talent.

6 - If you do not want to role play with this person ask them for release. They are not allowed to hold you. We don't need the hasle of ransome money transferred.

7 - We will be doing this next Sunday,August 30 2009 from 11:00 am to 2 pm slt.

(notecard from shevaunn Clarity)

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