Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update 4 Feb 2010

2-4 February 2010

Some of this information was also sent as notice. But the KOS notices often fail to be delivered.

SGS RELEASE 0.55-0.56
( 1 ) Someone reported a bug when transfering the ownership of a prisoner/slave.
I was able to reproduce the bug only once ;-/, but I think it is fixed in v 0.55
If you find any problem again, please let me know.

( 2 ) The updated employment register will only work with 0.56 and above.


The code has been rewritten from scratch. There are some major differences:
- No need to resign from a position if you change jobs. Simply signup for the new job
- You will not get fired if you don't show up at work for a week. This is mostly to simplify the back-end code
- There is an unlimited number of jobs, instead of limited. Just signup for the job that matters to your character.
- You will get paid for mastered skills at level 3 and get level 3 items
- All salaries are now at 70G$ Lev1, 80G$ Lev 2, 90G$ Lev 3
- Your meter will display the job title you signed up for the day (mastered skill as well)
- Animals are not allowed to signup for an employment
- It only works for version 0.56 and above

Let's keep Ireem OOC Drama-Free! :)



We often get complaints from people who are forced to listen to long OOC arguments that take place in
the street in Ireem. This is not good. Even if the discussion keeps to the green OOC chat, it still disrupts
play and the feeling of all within earshot.


While considering this problem recently we jokingly though how we should have a box to put all the OOC
dramas in. And then we realised this might actually be a good solution to the problem.
So we give you the KOS OOC Drama Box.
Silly name, serious function.
From now on should you find yourself in an RP situation that has regressed beyond a few simple sentences
in OOC chat, then please use the TP to the drama box, and take all those involved or those wishing to continue
the debate with you. We Fully understand that these situations are unavoidable and can in fact be useful, but
they need to be carried out far from others who do not wish to hear them, others who are busy trying to RP
whilst wading through a sea of green type.
We hope you can see the important function of the box.

For those being punished by over long arguments in in the game part of the sim, please feel free to tell those
involved to use the box provided. Give them the Landmark!


Recently we have had many complaints about what should happen once combat has commenced between two players.
One side of the arguments says that it is totally illogical for friends of the combating players not step in to help if they
can, even if they were not part of the RP leading up to the fight.
And conversely there are those who think that once combat has begun only those players who were in on the proceeding
RP should be allowed to fight, and all others must wait until it is over before getting involved.
Both sides are quite certain that their view is correct, as usual.
We can understand both sides of this argument.
But we must make a ruling one way or another. To this end we are asking for players to vote on the matter, and of course
if anyone wishes, they may also drop in a suggestion as to why they believe one side of the argument is better than the
This could help us in making our decision.
Of course this situation does not occur so often in text combat so this vote is only aimed at meter combat.

To vote login to your account on
or simply click on PROFILE on your HUD when you are at KOS, and you will be automatically logged in to your account.
There is a VOTE link on your account page.

You will have 1 week to vote, and if you change your mind, simply vote again. Your most recent vote will be the one
that will count.

If you don't vote, we will simply assume that you have no preference in the matter, you are fine with either one of
the possible resolution.

The safezones are revised :)
If you are using them for the right purpose, you will be in a safezone within 30 seconds.
If you are trying to escape from a fight by enabling a safezone, if your opponent clicks on them during the 30 secs
delay, the delay will be extended to 5 minutes.
Again, while the use of safezone is good to protect some areas from constant fights, running from fights is not
very honorable and is discouraged.

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