Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update 4 March

28 February - 4 March 2010

SGS RELEASE 0.62, 0.63, 0.64
- Rewritten part of the API/functions to optimize the code
- Safezones may be applied to multiple groups
- You cannot eat or restore your physical health if you are OOC.
- The announcements on the HUD handle individual messages too (internal function).
- Minor bugfixes

Most of the actual changes apply to Nomos only, but you should upgrade anyway next time you enter the SIM.
The Upgrades are available for FREE at the Game Room, up in the SKy Entrance.

RP BANS (now limited to 1 WEEK)
We think that many RP bans are not meant to be forever, and right now unless you unban someone, they will stay in your
ban list forever. Also you won't be able to unban them unless they are nearby.
Since we believe in people's good nature and willingness to forgive and move on, we will make the RP bans
expire after ONE WEEK. In the meantime, we hope that you have worked something out between the two of you.
After a week, the roleplay should resume to normal. And we hope in everybody's effort in making this possible.
If you want to keep the RP ban, you will have to resubmit it through the HUD and one more week will be added.

ps: Check on your web profile to see the current status of your RP bans. Thank you!

The code for all the individual items and employment register have been updated. A few important info:
( 1 ) Some items, such as combat, psychic and justice ONLY works when your status allows you to.
For example, if you are owned by someone else, you won't be able to use these items.
If you are OOC, or Non-Combatant, or your Mental is zero, or your Physical is zero, a message will tell you
that you don't qualify.
( 2 ) Combat and Psychic items now attach by default on the Left Hand (as they should)
( 3 ) The values of Psychic, Combat, Armor have been increased. Check on them now.
( 4 ) The channel to type your message when you use the skill item is now random. Read the local message to find out
what to type in local chat.
( 5 ) The skills of Law and BioMech had been added (although these don't affect KOS).
( 6 ) The delay to take the items before they get deleted has been increased to 6 minutes (if it wasn't like that before).

All the individual info are now on the web. There is an individual link for each of them.

And all the invidual links on the left menu.

Please IM Kora Zenovka if you find problems.

( 1 ) Businesses now gain directly the profits from the card game (and of course losses).
So if you run a business with the card game, take a look at your cash till.
It is possible that you may get a negative balance (if you get really lucky players).

( 2 ) Archangel Azrael is back. After a long vacation, the guard of the catacombs, Archangel Azrael, is back at work.
He is in charge of keeping the intruders away. Watch out!

( 3 ) The KOS Dungeon is now shared by both Knights and Palace Guards. It is safezones for both of them.
Also the cell doors can be open by any of them. (suggested by Joris Hudson)

Ireem Chronicles:
SGS website:
KOS Blog:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Update 22 February

18-22 February 2010

Most of the updates in the last days has been done mostly to adapt certain functions to Nomos.

More development done to adapt the game for Nomos.
A few minor changes for KOS too, such as 'Orgasmic' mental level is now 'Heightened'.
The update is optional for KoS, but you may want to get it anyway.

SGS Updates are available in the Game Room, at the Entrance. There is a HUD UPGRADE sign on the Wall.
Click on it and get the new upgrade.

Added new function: TRANSFER
You may now transfer money from your bank account to another player bank account.
This is the best and safest way to transfer large amount of money.

For those of you running a business at Ireem, you will notice an increase of revenue due to
the sales of the hejira and alcohol (G$2 goes to your cash till every time it is paid for).

Cash till added to the Library

I rewrote the script for the dance machine, and it is a now a little jewel of code. :)
Also we can run all the animations anywhere in the SIM. I am particularly proud of this, although
I am the only one to be able to enjoy the beauty of the code ;-)
Anyway the Arabesque, Bedu Camp, Palace and Eventus Isle at KoS have now the new Dance Jars.

If you want to change species, you will *not* lose your scores or skills anymore.
However you will be charged G$ 350 into your bank account (if you don't have enough money there, you
will go in debt - negative balance).
The only data you will lose is your clan affiliation and/or your clan leadership.
Then you may form another clan within your new group.
To change species, there is a jar in the Game Room.
ps: The reason we apply a 'game fee' is to discourage the abuse of species switching
every 5 minutes.

The skills previously named as 'Law' has become 'Justice'.
A 'Law' skill was also added - different scope - to be used in Nomos.
This is just to explain if you see a 'Justice' skill in your profile instead of 'Law'.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday 16 February Update

16 February 2010


The result is:
- 80 people voted that it is okay to step in after a fight has begun
- 24 people voted that it is not okay.

Therefore, the majority of people believe that being able to help out their friends in a combat situation
is essential to game play in KOS. We agree that making friends and allies is an essential part of the game
and using their aid in combat is a main reason for these alliances.

However, there are still one or two points to be taken into consideration before making a simple yes or no
ruling on the subject.

So here are a few things to bear in mind before joining in on a combat situation that is already underway.

First the most obvious is to make sure that the people fighting want you to be involved, this might be a
personal fight between two players.

If you are within sight of a combat situation which involves a member of your own Clan or an Allied Clan then
the rule is that you can indeed join that combat.

As pointed out by many people, role play introductions to combat already underway are totally impractical
unless there is a natural pause in the fight. So if the combatant players are not Rping at the time you join the
fight, then you may join without need for lengthy introductions.

Players who are neither friends or allies of those fighting should ideally stay out of the fight, or at the very
least have a good RP reason as to why they are joining in. One such reason might be an RP call for help from
one of the combatants.

TPing directly into a fight is not allowed. If you receive an IM from a friend in trouble and a TP is involved then
it should be to a logical location, so that your appearance on the scene is “believable”

The main problem we have sought to solve is the situation where 2 players start a fight and neither call for help.
Then as the combat progresses one of the players decides they do not want to loose so they call in friends,
and in many cases this allows the loosing player to win the fight. This is basically cheating.

Unfortunately written rules are too easily broken and no matter how much we try, it is impossible to police
all situations. So we will introduced a mechanical method that was originated to solve another problem, that of
being attacked the moment you arrive in the sim, before you have had a chance to rez and prepare for any
kind of Rp leave alone combat.

So there will now be a 2 minute pause before the meter becomes active after a TP into the sim.
This will mean that you must judge a combat situation early to assess if you feel you might need assistance,
and call for that help before the combat goes to far. If not you may find your friends will not get there on time
to help you out.


Added a 'Rezzing Mode', that it is a 2 minutes delay when you Teleport in the SIM, or in specific situations that
requires the meter to process some information, without interferance. During the Rezzing Mode, your meter
won't allow you to fight and/or to submit damage from a weapon, as well as not being able to be captured,
if you are a prey.
And some minor bugfixes.

SGS Updates are available in the Game Room, at the Entrance. There is a HUD UPGRADE sign on the Wall.
Click on it and get the new upgrade.


If you are a clan leader and you wish to eject a member from your clan, you can now login to your account
on the web, edit your clan and eject the member directly.
This works only when that player is not at the specific region (KOS for KOS clans, etc).

Ireem Chronicles:
SGS website:
KOS Blog:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday 11 February

5-11 February 2010


KoS Sisterhood invites to:

Sultana invites you to:
Party at Eventus Isle, Formal Dress.

SGS VERSION 0.57, 0.58, 0.59 (MINI-RELEASES)
The word 'Ethos' is replacing 'Moral'. That is especially meaningful in moral-less cultures.
Ethos means the disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person.

It is now fixed. Please update to the latest version.

Added a few tweaks to handle viruses and their vaccines.

Other minor bugfixes:
- Clear message queue when changing region

HUD Upgrades are available at the Game Room, up in the sky.


As you know, the Palace group (SGS group) is not open enrollment and you can be part of it only by invite.
The Palace has also become Safezone for the Palace group. So, if you enter the Palace, be prepared to have a RP reason
to be there, or you can be kicked out, and/or incarcerated and/or fined.
Like other group camps with safezone enabled, you don't enter the enemy camp unless you have a proper RP reason
and/or you like the danger :)

If you wish to visit around - as visitor - please turn your meter to OOC, or wear an explorer tag. Thank you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Update 4 Feb 2010

2-4 February 2010

Some of this information was also sent as notice. But the KOS notices often fail to be delivered.

SGS RELEASE 0.55-0.56
( 1 ) Someone reported a bug when transfering the ownership of a prisoner/slave.
I was able to reproduce the bug only once ;-/, but I think it is fixed in v 0.55
If you find any problem again, please let me know.

( 2 ) The updated employment register will only work with 0.56 and above.


The code has been rewritten from scratch. There are some major differences:
- No need to resign from a position if you change jobs. Simply signup for the new job
- You will not get fired if you don't show up at work for a week. This is mostly to simplify the back-end code
- There is an unlimited number of jobs, instead of limited. Just signup for the job that matters to your character.
- You will get paid for mastered skills at level 3 and get level 3 items
- All salaries are now at 70G$ Lev1, 80G$ Lev 2, 90G$ Lev 3
- Your meter will display the job title you signed up for the day (mastered skill as well)
- Animals are not allowed to signup for an employment
- It only works for version 0.56 and above

Let's keep Ireem OOC Drama-Free! :)



We often get complaints from people who are forced to listen to long OOC arguments that take place in
the street in Ireem. This is not good. Even if the discussion keeps to the green OOC chat, it still disrupts
play and the feeling of all within earshot.


While considering this problem recently we jokingly though how we should have a box to put all the OOC
dramas in. And then we realised this might actually be a good solution to the problem.
So we give you the KOS OOC Drama Box.
Silly name, serious function.
From now on should you find yourself in an RP situation that has regressed beyond a few simple sentences
in OOC chat, then please use the TP to the drama box, and take all those involved or those wishing to continue
the debate with you. We Fully understand that these situations are unavoidable and can in fact be useful, but
they need to be carried out far from others who do not wish to hear them, others who are busy trying to RP
whilst wading through a sea of green type.
We hope you can see the important function of the box.

For those being punished by over long arguments in in the game part of the sim, please feel free to tell those
involved to use the box provided. Give them the Landmark!


Recently we have had many complaints about what should happen once combat has commenced between two players.
One side of the arguments says that it is totally illogical for friends of the combating players not step in to help if they
can, even if they were not part of the RP leading up to the fight.
And conversely there are those who think that once combat has begun only those players who were in on the proceeding
RP should be allowed to fight, and all others must wait until it is over before getting involved.
Both sides are quite certain that their view is correct, as usual.
We can understand both sides of this argument.
But we must make a ruling one way or another. To this end we are asking for players to vote on the matter, and of course
if anyone wishes, they may also drop in a suggestion as to why they believe one side of the argument is better than the
This could help us in making our decision.
Of course this situation does not occur so often in text combat so this vote is only aimed at meter combat.

To vote login to your account on
or simply click on PROFILE on your HUD when you are at KOS, and you will be automatically logged in to your account.
There is a VOTE link on your account page.

You will have 1 week to vote, and if you change your mind, simply vote again. Your most recent vote will be the one
that will count.

If you don't vote, we will simply assume that you have no preference in the matter, you are fine with either one of
the possible resolution.

The safezones are revised :)
If you are using them for the right purpose, you will be in a safezone within 30 seconds.
If you are trying to escape from a fight by enabling a safezone, if your opponent clicks on them during the 30 secs
delay, the delay will be extended to 5 minutes.
Again, while the use of safezone is good to protect some areas from constant fights, running from fights is not
very honorable and is discouraged.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Update 1 February 2010

1 February 2010


Bugfix: if you were captured, the transfer to someone else didn't work in v 0.53, and you
were in a situation where you couldn't ransom out .. aehm.
Anyway, it is fixed. Please pick up the new version at the UPGRADE sign in the Game room.
Thank you.


( 1 ) Sultana bedroom door may be open by Palace group members only.
( 2 ) Mustafa and Hakim are back at work, to protect the Palace. Only authorized members may go through them.
( 3 ) Dungeon is now safezone for knights
( 4 ) Cell doors may be open by knights only
( 5 ) Djin safezone delay adjusted to 30 sec as well

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Upgrade Jan 30, 2010

28-30 January 2010


Because in fact knights function both as Police and Dungeoneers, we believe that the two groups need to be reunited in only one group. The dungeon will also become safezones for knights. And current dungeon keepers will become knights. Dungeon Keepers clan will also become Knights clans. If you are more oriented in hanging out in the dungeon, you may create a clan that reflects that. Anyway, we need this for the new release below.


( 1) Added the 'owned by group' feature
If you get sentenced to go to prison, you will be owned by the Prison (not by an individual player) and sent to spend some time there.
When you are sentenced for a crime, you will not be able to simply ransom out or fall unconsciuos to escape from it.
Also while you are serving your sentence, everybody in the knight/police group will have meter control over your avatar.
KOS and Nomos have different way to manage prisoners, so we will explain later.

( 2 ) Updated the diseases.
Now if you are infected, you will lose 30 points of health every day, and 1 extra point of damage when you fight.
The code also handles the vaccines for virus, and
More info later on.

( 3 ) Players with 7 or less days of game will be reminded that we promote consensual roleplay and what to do if
they feel forced to do against their will. (Some people are new to SL or roleplay)

( 4 ) Some minor bugfixes.


(1) KOS Cutlass 0.40 was .. unscripted! I apologize for the inconvenience. Please get an upgrade 0.41 from the "delivery problems" or "upgrade" sign in the Game Room. Thanks Gatha for reporting the issue.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update 27 January 2010

24-27 January 2010


General notes on the responsibilities of Renting Businesses

Renting a business is not just a means of getting paid. You can do this by simple camping work or
learning a skill.

We expect people who take on a rented business to be aware of what it is they are renting and to fully
take on the role that is associated with it.

If you take on a bar then you will be expected to run it like a real life bar and also hire bar staff and
possibly dancers to attract customers.
This is even more important should you take on ownership of a large night club, where you should
consider running small in-game events and promoting them to other players.

We can help out with this should you need temporary publicity such as posters put around the sim.
We cannot afford to have people camping ownership of important role play positions. So if we feel
that a player is not doing all they can to promote and manage their chosen business then we may
have to consider relieving them of the position.

Even smaller businesses like the sushi bars in Nomos are important places for people to meet and
discuss in character events. So an owner of such a place should always be around if they are
on line to act out their role.

So basically, please do not take on a business if you do not know or care about how to role play the position.


Please browse places and businesses on the web. We post official information about the
various locations of the SIM, with rental details if available, and a picture.

This will also help the new residents to familiarize with the different locations of the SIMs.

For Business Owners: please login to your account on the web to post business information , such as :
member/staff, job openings, list of services / product and their prices, opening hours.


Just a clarification about the creation of SL Groups related to any of our SIMs (Kingdom of Sand, Nomos,
and Golgothica).
In the past we didn't allow the creation of any group besides the official ones.
In time, we have changed our position about them, so people were able to create groups.
But ... there is always a 'but'...
We need to know what groups are formed out there, and what is their purpose.
So we can compile a list for each SIMs , and properly advertise them thru the players community.

A few simple rules:
- SL Groups should have a IC purpose
- SL Groups cannot violate any TOS rules from Linden Lab
- SL Groups should have a declared purpose within the roleplay game
- SL Groups may be closed enrollment, but if requested, we SIM owners should be allowed to be part of it.

SL Groups that are not published in our list are therefore to be considered illegal and
we may have to ask that they be discontinued.

So, please use the "Suggestion Form" to submit the following information:
- Name of the SL Group:
- Owners:
- Group Charter/Purpose:


Slavers (both the port and the sear witc) , bedouins and knights have thei cages/cells locked, and
only a member of that group can open them.


The safezones are not meant to protect fighters from losing a fight. Therefore, the delay has increased
from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.
Hopefully, this will discourage the use of safezones during fights.


( 1 ) The Brewer1 item at the Slaves Head Inn was having problem and was not initializing.
Now it is fixed.

(2) The KOS Dragon Katana had one prim of the wrong color, so now we upgraded it to version 0.41
Please get the upgrade from the UPGRADE sign and click on 'EVERYTHING', so you will receive the
fixed version.

(3) We have freebie clothes next to Game Room (Same clothes we had before).

(4) The bouncer is back at the Arabesque Cafe`.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Update 18 January Addendum

SGS Socionex Game System
Update Newsletter
2010-01-18 Addendum


( 1 ) Brown Bullwhip (special - capture only)
You may now capture preys by using this bullwhip instead of bumping them.
It only works on 'free' preys.
You will draw/swing it similar to a weapon, but it is not a weapon.
It doesn't inflict any damage.

( 2 ) KOS Katana : weapon type SWORD

( 3 ) KOS Dragon Katana: weapon type SWORD


Nothing exciting here, but there were minor bugfixes

Bugfix) You couldn't pay ransom if you only had15$
The ransom is 15$, but only if you had 16$+ you were able to pay and free yourself
This is fixed now.

Bugfix) Paying for ransom was not unfreezing you at the same time.
Now if you pay for ransom, you will also regain control of your avatar, if you are frozen.

Some mispelling fixed.

- JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance.
- There is a UPGRADE sign on the WALL

Update Monday 18 January

SIM Update


Okay, now they are really on sale :)

- Black BullWhip (for combat) : weapon type: WHIP

- Cat O'Nine Tails (for punishment): weapon type: CAT

Just a note about the cat. It has a very low damage, and it should not be used for combat.
It works on preys as well, captured or non-captured.
It works on non-combatant players.
And if you drop their health at zero, they will not become your slave/prisoners.

Current settings for all weapon types are here:


There was a weird delay with setups for new players and when you were trying to use
the emergency reset jar, to reset your species.
So I found the silly problem (mistyped word), that is now fixed in this version.

- JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance.
- There is a UPGRADE sign on the WALL

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update Sunday 17 January

SIM Update


- Black BullWhip (for combat) : weapon type: SWORD
- Cat O'Nine Tails (for punishment): weapon type: CAT

Current settings for all weapon types are here:


( 1. ) About Non-Combatant Mode

There were still a few doubts over the non-combatant mode from Sarra Ballinger.
So just to make it a little clearer:

If you are Non-Combatant:
As a non-combatant player you cannot use a scripted weapon, therefore all your Combats
take place through Role Play.
It is up to you to be sure other players in other combat modes are aware of this if you get
into a combat situation.
You understand that you cannot use non-combatant mode as a shield against other combat

An extensive explanation, with added examples of different scenario, it is on the web:

If you have more questions, please keep submitting your suggestions, by using the HUD ->

( 2. ) Removed Capture Limits

There was a suggestion from Myrna Baxton to allow the pred to capture the same prey
more than once in a row. The initial limit was set to avoid griefing behaviour.

So now in this version, this limit is removed. You can be captured again and again by
the same pred.

If you are a prey, and you get chased over and over from the same pred and you don't
want to, please let them know, and if it doesn't work, add them to your RP Ban list.

( 3. ) Safezone Bug

Fixed the bug that the SafeZone didn't show up in your meter , even if you were
actually Safe.

- JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance.
- There is a UPGRADE sign on the WALL


( * ) Ireem Library

The Library is now open for Business and Rental. I personally got at least 15 people asking
to rent the library, and as much as I would have liked to give it to each of you, there is only
one Library. Anneliese was the fastest to come and rent it :)


Friday, January 15, 2010

Update 15 January

SIM Update


The Pirate Boat is up for rent. 800G$ (game money) per week. Pirate/Slavers are preferred tenants.
If they cannot keep up with rent, the boat will become available to others.
The boat is safe zone for the group that is able to rent it.
ps: At the time you read this announcement, a weekly lease has been signed with Raiden.


We acknowledge that there are still doubts and misunderstanding over the combat rules.
In the attempt to simplify, we are releasing a new SGS version with your combat preference.

Just run Setup from your HUD, choose 'Combat Mode' and then one of these:
- Non-Combatant (default for new players)
- Default Combat Mode
- Warrior Mode

The differences are well described in the notecard here attached:

And a reminder will also popup when you switch from one combat mode to another.

If you have more questions about this, please submit a suggestion through the HUD
(HELP -> SUGGESTION), and describe the roleplay scenario you were not so sure what to
do based on these combat modes.

This also fix a bug that happened when you wanted to go from OOC to your previous
state (such as NON-COMBATANT). Now it saves your previous combat mode, whatever
it was.

- JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance.
- There is a UPGRADE sign on the WALL


Ireem Chronicles:
SGS website:
KOS Blog:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

KOS Update 14 January 2010

SIM Update


- KoS Trident
- KoS Reaper
- KoS Cutlass
- Skull Splitter Sword
- Italian Dueling Sword
- Italian Ladies Dueling Sword

Weapons are available in the game room when you enter the SIM.

RELEASE VERSION 0.47 (performance improvement)

Although the functionalities haven't changed, when you have the chance, get an update.
The load on the external database is much lighter with this version.

Also I want to remind all of you to make sure that the version of your weapons is 0.40.
If you have older weapons, or older meter, throw everything away.
You can always get a new copy at the dispenser, even if your only copy in inventory get corrupted.

- JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance. There is a sign on the WALL


How to get one more star for social level:
1 STAR - by default
1 STAR - by posting your backstory/profile (attention: there is a minimal lenght AND
the profile needs to be updated once every 2 weeks, or you will temporary lose the star).
1 STAR - to be a clan leader with at least 3 more members besides you
1 STAR for each skill mastered through training

Each star increases your max physical health of 8 points.
STAR 1 = max 100 ph health
STAR 2 = max 108 ph health


Sunday, January 10, 2010

SGS Update 11 January

SIM Update

Yesterday night, only 50% of you received this notecard (due to an outage of the data provider),
so I am sending today's news with yesterday's news.


- Soul Stealer Axe
- Nostalgia Kos Sword (same animations and sound lile the old one)
- Great Sword - Serpent King
- Great Sword - Death Dealer
- Great Sword - Slaine Clean
- Great Sword - Slaine Bloody

Weapons are available in the game room when you enter the SIM.

RELEASE VERSION 0.45 AND 0.46 (mini updates)

0.46) We added a build-in skin-changer (sci-fi skin for Nomos, medieval skin for KoS, etc).
So you will need this verson and above to use at Nomos when we open it.

0.45) It was released 2 days ago and it was just to fix a bug. Some people were not found in the SL database name2key, so I switched to a web service that points to our database.

Also I want to remind all of you to make sure that the version of your weapons is 0.40.
If you have older weapons, or older meter, throw everything away.
You can always get a new copy at the dispenser, even if your only copy in inventory get corrupted.

- JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance. There is a sign on the WALL


Many clan leaders added a password for new people to join their clan.
So now when you use the clan register book, you MUST type a password (case insensitive), if the clan is restricted access.
At the moment it is not possible for you to remove a clan member, but if you ask Kora nicely, she will do it for you - manually.


We revised some of the combat rules. If something is not clear feel free to submit a suggestion through the HUD.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KOS Update, Tue 5 January

SIM Update


The main added feature of this release is the ability to use training mode. There is a simple gesture
in the folder, that you turn on and off by typing "/training" in local chat, once you
have activate the gesture.
When you are in Training Mode, your meter will become all white, and will display the Training Mode.
The weapons will inflict a damage not to your *real* physical health, but a separate health.
Please let's keep the training training within the arena. The arena has also a dispenser, that will allow you to
restore your health to 100% right away.
When someone wins, a message will be displayed in local chat.

- JUST PICK THE NEW VERSION UP at the GAME ROOM, at the sky entrance. There is a sign on the WALL


All weapons have the scripted updated to work for the training mode. Since we provide free upgrades,
please throw away all the old versions.

There is a small versions to fit smaller avatars for the following weapons:
- KOS Sword
- Dark Sword
- Gladius Sword
- War Hammer
- War Hammer MK2
- KOS Spear